Thursday, July 21, 2016

Taking care of mom- Stitch Fix has sent me my favorites!

This past week we had some special plans, all made by my husband.  For my birthday.  As I was figuring out what I wanted to wear for these dates I realized that each outfit I was picking had at least one element from Stitch Fix, if not the whole outfit.  Wow!  I knew I was liking it, but not until then did I realize how very happy I was with their picks.  I thought I'd share.

This blue and white stripe top was perfect for our dinner date.  The cut of the top hides my mama belly, the style and color where ones I'd asked for, and it is easy to care for.  I love that it works for me now, but it's cut is a flexible one.

I think this is my favorite top right now.  It came in a fix right before I had my baby.  I can't remember if it was a maternity top or not.  I had asked for tops that would be great for the transition time after baby; that's exactly what this is!  I love the fit, it drapes nicely and is easy to nurse in.  I love how easy it is to just throw on with jeans or dress up a bit with a skirt.  I feel pretty in it, but it does not show spots easily and is easy to care for.  It's a perfect "mom" top. :) 

This grey top and printed skirt are from two different "fixes."  I love that they know what I've kept from past fixes and are able to make pairing suggestions based on that.  I'd have eventually figured these out on my own, but it sure is nice for my mama brain to have that right out of the box!  Both pieces are very forgiving.  They work well with my ever changing mama body. :)  I loved wearing them for a casual afternoon out with my husband (and the baby).

This top obviously does not fit well right now, I can just barely wiggle into it.  It is from a pre-pregnancy fix.  It is still one of my favorites and I'm looking forward to it fitting again....sometime.  I'm sharing for a couple of reasons 1) my stitch fix stylist checks my pinterest page and blog to see what styles I like 2)to be can be frustrating to have your weight fluctuate regularly, not fit into your favorite clothes or not feel as good about your body as you once did.  Remember that you've given the gift of life to your little one(s).  Often our extra weight is needed to support our little one while we are nursing.  Just look at those chubby cheeks, and dimpled arms (on the baby!) she is growing strong and healthy.  If I was slimmer my baby would not be chunking up so nicely.  I know because I have lost weight too quickly in the past and my baby has then struggled with weight gain.  If we're eating well, exercising and resting in the Lord it's a bit easier to accept where we are at physically....even when that baby is not such a baby anymore. ;)  Being real and sharing our struggles in an encouraging way can be a big blessing to others, I know I've been encouraged greatly by others in this way.

***I'm sharing this because it has been a blessing and encouragement to me to use this service.  It is not a "budget" service, but one that is a treat my husband has encouraged me to use.  The opinions are my own.  I'm not compensated by Stitch Fix.  However, if you sign up through my links AND receive a fix I do get credit toward my next fix.  That credit has been such a blessing to me.  A big "THANK YOU!" to those of you who have signed up through me.

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