Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Preventing those diaper blow outs...

***Even if you have NO interest in cloth diapering you'll want to know about this little trick***

One of the biggest surprises when I had my first babies was all of the diaper blow outs.  Sometimes huge messes.  All over everything.  Often when we were out and about.  It was nasty and often outfits ended up ruined.

I love cloth diapering, but sometimes life takes over and we need to use disposables.  Years ago when we switched to cloth diapers I was surprised to find that we were no longer experiencing those diaper blowouts that were so frustrating.  

I started putting the cloth diaper covers over disposables when we needed to use them.  They contained messes!  The stronger elastic at the backs and legs were enough to catch any overflow.  Any mess was contained to that cover.  I've been using this trick for almost 9 years now and realized maybe I should pass it on.

I think any good cover with elastic at the back and legs would work well.  I use the Flip diaper covers because they are made by one of my favorite cloth diaper companies.  They are good quality and I've used them through several children.  I purchase them at  They are about $15 and well worth the cost considering all of the trouble and clothing they save.   

*I'm not being compensated for this review/suggestion.  I'm just a mom sharing what I've found to work well. ;) 

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