Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What comes in, must go out!

In preparation for our move we've instituted a "what comes in must go out" policy.  Any box that brings things into our house must go out with at least as much in it.  We are liking this policy and will likely keep it up even after our move.

This is a picture of several Amazon boxes that recently came in.  They are all loaded up to go out now.

I especially love bring boxes home from Costco.  They are generally full of consumables, but usually go out filled with non-consumable junk!

This exercise is also helpful in making us think harder about what we are bringing into the home.  Our kids realize that the more stuff we have, the more time we must spend taking care of the stuff.   This is a process.  Over the years we're finding many of them to be more thoughtful about what they are purchasing or asking for.  Even though we've seen growth in this area, we all have lots of room for improvement.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My 31 Party

A Flash 50% off sale was just announced starting on the 16th and ending the 23rd, so we will be ending the party early to take advantage of the sale.  Get your orders in by the 22nd for this party!  Follow the links below to shop, see the specials and place your order....

I'm placing a 31 gifts order and thought it would be fun to host a party on the blog.  You can join the party by going to this site and choosing "Gabe Harder's Thirty-one Party" and then start shopping (don't forget to have it shipped to you, instead of me).  This party will run through the 24th of March.  My friend Suzi is the Consultant for this party.  I'm sure she will be happy to answer any questions you may have; her contact information is on the web site.

I already own the Large Utility Tote.  It was a gift a year ago and gets used regularly.  I love that it is nice and sturdy, big, but does not take up much space when not in use.  The open top makes it easy to get all of our gear in the bag, and find what we need quickly.  This one comes in 25 prints; you're sure to find one that fits your style.
Citrus MedallionCamo

Here it is all packed up for jump rope camp.  5 kids are participating and the other 3 need to be entertained/fed for 2 hours.  I'm considering ordering another one since my hubby recently took up swiping this one. ;)

I saw the Hang-Up Home Organizer a few years ago and loved it, but didn't buy it.  I've been thinking about it ever since.  Why didn't I just buy it then?  I'm looking forward to using it to tame the mess that accumulates on my refrigerator  including various phone lists, coupons, calendars etc.Hang-Up Home Organizer

I've been needing some sort of organizers/trash bins for my van.  Not only does it look like the Pack N' Pull Caddy will do the trick for my van; my husband has requested one for his van as well.  I may purchase a third one for diapers and wipes.
Don't forget to check the monthly specials!  This month 5 of the totes are 50% off; for every $35 you spend you can pick one to purchase at the special price.  I'm planning to get the Easy Breezy Tote to use as a diaper bag this summer; though it looks like it will be great for many other uses.

I'm planning on getting a Pocket-a-tote to add on to this tote.  It will give me a nice zipper pocket to keep small things I don't want the kids having easy access to.

Have a great time, and I'd love to hear what 31 favorites you have, or what you think looks useful.  As we are preparing for our June move I'm in an organizing mood and I'm excited to be getting some great tools to help me.    Have fun Shopping!

*remember that the default shipping is to the hostess, make sure you mark that your purchase needs to be shipped to you.  While I always love getting surprise gifts in the mail; I'm sure you would like to be able to enjoy your wonderful purchases yourself!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't touch the baby's hands!

See these sweet little hands?  I know you just want to touch them and let them get a strong hold on your finger.  Please resist the urge.  

Please know that I love to share my babies.  They bring me such joy, and I love to be able to share that joy.  Often it is a sweet grandma touching my baby's fingers, and I try to think of them as my baby's grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  I imagine that these ladies have a sweet little one that they would love to touch and kiss, but their sweet babies are far away just as mine are from their grandmothers.  Or maybe this person just loves babies like I do.

What you/they may not realize (or remember) is....

-It’s cold and flu season (or not).  You have not washed your hands (and we're all out in a public place touching all sorts of things). Though they may look clean, they carry many germs.  My baby sticks her fingers in her mouth all the time; all of those germs just entered her system through your touch.

-I'm trying so hard to keep my family healthy, though the inevitable happens often enough.   My other (young) children are at home with the sitter so they don't pick up germs at the store and share with the baby.  The baby must come with me though; she needs to nurse too often to stay behind.

-The last cold that came through the house resulted in an ear infection for this sweet baby (requiring a trip to urgent care), a ruptured ear drum for an older brother, and pneumonia for an older sister.  Colds are hard on a young family (though that last one was exceptionally bad).

*The antibiotics, pain relievers, essential oils and nebulizer required to heal and comfort her during this last cold.  The nebulizer was needed for breathing treatments.

-New mamas are usually short on sleep; add in a sick baby, and we're running on fumes.  We cringe when a stranger touches our baby's fingers, no matter how sweet you are.

-Mamas, please teach your children not to touch a baby's hands.  This is just a good standard, and maybe they will remember this courtesy as adults.  If they have a runny nose or are sick remind them to stay away from baby.

Please consider the health and well being of the next baby you see before reaching out to grab that finger.

DO take a moment to comment on how sweet etc the baby is.  You might ask to softly pat baby's head or squeeze their toes (if easily accessible).  It is a bright spot in my day when I can share the joy of my baby.  BUT DON'T TOUCH THE FINGERS!!!!