Friday, April 25, 2014

Preparing for a move

We're getting ready to move (again).   Moving a family of 10 (or any family for that matter) is hard work.  We start move prep months before our moves (as a military family we know a move is coming, even if we don't know where).

We de clutter.  When we think we've been through every room and there's nothing more to get rid of, we go through again (and we DO find more).  De cluttering is an ongoing process; it never ends.  Move time is time to get super serious about it.  Here are a couple of things to ask yourself to make the job easier...

-Do I use this? (If you haven't used it in a year or so, out it goes!)
-Does this cause problems in our home? (that toy the kids fight over constantly? Yep, it has to go!  That movie the kids picked up that nasty habit/word/quote from? Its gone too!  The vase that you're always moving around or hollering at the kids not to break?  Most definitely GONE!)
-Does it align with our family values? (That foolish book?  The toy that just makes noise?  Hobby that takes mom/dad away from the family WAY too much?  Video games that the kids spend all their time with instead of the family? Gone!)
-Do I love it?  Some things you can love, but not really need to keep.  Take a picture of those special things that you really don't want around any more, but want to keep the memory.
-Do I want my loved ones to have to pack/unpack this? (if its yours, but you plan to make others deal with it; think very hard about it.  They have their own things they need to do/take care of)  Is it worth their/my precious time?  Do I really want to have to find a place to store this?
This is our "get rid of pile."  My boxes are all getting filled.  It looks like its time to call The Salvation Army for a pick-up.

Answer these things truthfully and I'm guessing you will have an easier time letting go.

IF YOU HOMESCHOOL- Do your school planning (for the upcoming school year/months) before your move if at all possible.  Then you can relax a bit on the other end and "just" settle into the new house.  Try to plan a bit of "summer school" for the kids.  It will make it easier for you to keep them engaged and busy during that time.  I'll be going through a simple ABC Bible memory verse book with my kids as well as reading a Heroes of the Faith book (they will also each have simple math and reading assignments). Plan to take some breaks to explore your new area as well.
What a mess!  Hubby and I are putting up with this in our room (for the month) knowing that the fruit of the mess will be a well planned year of school.  I'll share more details in a future post.

Organize what you can in your current home.  Do you have a problem area?  Those things that just never found a home?  A stack you need to deal with?  That room you hope will work better in the next house.  Unfortunately those things don't tend to go away or get better with a move (I've hoped and tried).  Take care of them now, you'll be happier on the other end.