Friday, April 20, 2012

Taking Care of Mom; Spring/Summer wardrobe

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I've been working on de-cluttering my closet.  There were too many things in there.  Many of them were ok, but I didn't love them.  Many did not fit quite right.  Others just didn't work well as team players.  I wanted my wardrobe to work together as a team, and more importantly, work for me.  Here are some steps I took to minimize the clothing I needed, and to help them work well together, and for me.

1.  I wanted everything to be simple to take care of.  I've got too many sweet grubby hands, cute runny noses and silly messy faces to have to worry about hand washing or dry cleaning.  I do iron, but I'd prefer my clothing only need a quick once over for that.

2. I prefer to wear skirts most of the time.  I found a pattern that I liked from Marie Madeline Studio and made all of my summer skirts.  It can be hard to find modest skirts, and then to find them with pockets? That is hard (If you don't sew, or don't want to take the time NewCreation has great skirts, and many do have pockets!). Once I found this pattern I decided I'd just make my own summer skirts!  ***I do have some jeans, sweats and capris for the times that I need them, but those are put away in a drawer and only come out for big work days or things like camping.

I'll do a post later on how I messed with the pattern just a bit to make these skirts accommodate my waist line that seems to be in a constant state of flux.

3. I settled on some basic colors for my spring/summer wardrobe....white(or off white), brown/tan, and denim.  I also chose an accent  I chose red because of these skirts.  In a couple of years when all of the girls have outgrown their skirts and mine is looking tired I will pick a new color.

4.  I wanted to limit the number of shoes that I need as well.  Limiting the colors of my clothing made that much easier.  I decided that a good pair of walking shoes was in order for around the house, walking and most other casual times.  Having one nice pair of sandals would most likely work out just fine for my errand days as well as church or just about any other dress up time.  If I need to go to a ball I'll get myself a pair of glass slippers or something, until then I think these two pairs should work out just fine.  I also have a pair of fuzzy pink slippers that I love to wear in the evening and on slow Saturday/Sunday mornings. ***I did keep an older pair of shoes for hiking/camping/gardening.


5.  Accessories help make an outfit.  You'll notice that most of my clothes are very simple, I like it that way. I usually have the ultimate accessory on of my kids. ;)   While I do like jewelry it does not work so well for me at this stage in life.  Necklaces can get in the way while cuddling or nursing and they tend to get yanked or pulled.  Earrings can really hurt when yanked on.  I do have a couple of special necklaces that are saved for special occasions.  All of that being said, here are my accessories that I've been using....

I tie the scarf around my neck or in my hair as a head band.  I love the flexi from lilia rose, they are jewelry for my hair!  I like the lila rose hair bands as well when I feel like wearing my hair down.


 My mom picked up a couple of cute purses for me that blend well with my clothes, but add some color and fun.

Of course there is always the diaper bag.  I don't carry it with me as much now as I would with a newborn, but it always goes in the car when we go out.


Lets not forget the hat!  I've had this hat for years, but I didn't wear it much.  It is getting more use here in Arizona.  It is a ribbon crusher hat, I love that I don't have to worry about it getting bent, squished or even sat on.  I think this is the one I have.

I've been using this wardrobe for about two months now and I'm really enjoying the simplicity and flexibility.  Since I like everything in my closet it all seems to get equal rotation and I've not yet had an "I have nothing to wear" day yet.  Any one have tricks they use for simplifying their wardrobe?  What are some of your favorite items of clothing or accessories?

What?  You want to SEE my closet?  Since it is all cleaned out and nicely organized now; I'll be happy to show you!  Keep in mind that my fall winter clothes are pushed to the middle where they are out-of-sight-out-of-mind.  In a few months I'll do a post on what I've picked for those seasons.


The bin at the bottom holds maternity clothes.  I'm wondering if I'll be able to get rid of some of them if my expandable waistband skirts work out well.  I'll just have to wait and see though.  

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  1. I share my wardrobe and closet with 2 teenagers (soon to be 3)--it's not simple, but it's fun! One likes feminine and old fashioned, one likes colorful and exciting, so we've got quite a spectrum of things that seem to go together in new ways every time we get dressed! It's all hand-sewn, hand-me-downs from clothing exchanges, or from half price days at the resale shop, so it's not like it was expensive...just expansive :) Even after a recent purge, our closets runneth over!

    Lots of shoes too because we go to historic balls and reenacting events...we've got a lot of eras to be clothed in! No glass slippers tho...

    Here's my 19 yo modeling a few (we got to keep the one she did for the book cover--they just rented it for the shoot. It's on display at the Pima County Fair right now--BEST OF CLASS, her 1st year entering as an adult!!!)

  2. My closet/ wardrobe is not that simple, but it sure would make things easier if it were! Maybe I am due for a clean-out... Anyway, I love that diaper bag and was wondering if you made it? Would you mind sharing what pattern you used?

  3. Kim- That would be fun getting to share clothes with your girls. I see something like that in my not too distant future as well! The dress your oldest did for the book cover is amazing, she is a wonderful seamstress. I've often admired the way she dresses.

    I should have mentioned in my post that nearly all of the items in my closet were on sale, grage sale/thrift store finds, sewn myself, or gifts. This is not an expensive wardrobe though I did splurge on the sandals (my brother works for Nike so the walking shoes were cheap too!).

  4. Stacy- I did make the diaper bag. I made up the pattern myself, I should have kept the pattern as I've been asked many times what pattern I used. Maybe I should reverse engineer a pattern? That would be something.... Let me know how interested you are.

    This is my post about making it, though there are no specifics.

    1. Maybe you could go into business selling the pattern! I was secretly hoping that you aleady were so I would not have to think about it and draft a pattern myself :-) I love supporting WAHMs. Thank you for that link. I will just study the photos and come up with a pattern. Thanks for your time in replying as well!

  5. Wow! That's awesome. I want my closet to look like yours! I think I'll throw out a few things this afternoon :) You've inspired me!

    Love that hat!