Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old Navy Ruffled Maxi Skirt

I was in Old Navy today and ran across this skirt in the store on sale for only $15!
Roll over to see color:
Almond Butter
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On line it is listed at $25 which is still great for a long skirt that has pockets!!!!!  I'm not sure if it is on sale like that in their other stores, but thought I'd pass on the tip since I'm always on the lookout for long modest skirts with pockets.


  1. Pockets--wow! I haven't been in there in a longggg time--you get discouraged and give up unless you know there just might be something like this lurking there. (Usually in clearance cuz no one else likes the look :)

  2. Yes Kim, it is so discouraging out there. I was in there to get a couple of things that I knew they would have and was so pleasantly surprised to find this! It is hard enough to find something like this when you are looking, but to just run across it? Now that was amazing!

  3. Did you get it? If so how does it wear?

  4. I did get it. I have not had a chance to wash it, but could not wait to wear it. I'm wearing it now. :) It hits me at the ankles and I feel very comfortable in it. I've enjoyed wearing it as I've gone about my typical homeschooling mom day. It is not my favorite or most flattering skirt, but I'm glad I have it. I'll try to update after I wash it, which will be Monday evening at the soonest.

  5. This skirt is so cute! I just saw a similar maternity one on their website yesterday! Unfortunately they were out of stock, so I'm going to check the local store!

  6. We happened to go to the mall for the chalk art festival and so we went to Old Navy to look for boys' pants (holes in all our knees/bottoms here). The girls found the skirt just as I got in line to pay...they chose the periwinkle one to share amongst the 4 of us (we're so cheap!)

  7. Kim- How fun, I liked the periwinkle one too.

    Crystal- The skirt washed very well. It was ready to wear right off of the line/out of the dryer (I'm not quite sure what happened with that load) and it did not shrink or anything.