Friday, December 30, 2011

Organizing; the entry closet

We moved into our house about three months ago and while we are "moved in" there is still loads of organizing to do.  Many things were just put in the same area they had been in our old house, now the layout of this house needs to be taken into consideration and things put where they really belong.  Somethings were just thrown into drawers/closets/shelves where they belong but not really organized.  My plan is to try to get to one area a week and while I'm at it I'll blog about it so you can see what solutions I've figured out, and also so you can make suggestions!

This week is the entry closet.  It is an odd size, being quite narrow and deep. This is what it looked like right after moving in.

 I took everything out first and moved several things to other places, liket the disposable wipes/diapers/pull-ups.  Those things were all in our front closet at our last house, and it made sense to have them there since it was next to the bathroom with the changing table in it, now we just find ourselves frustrated to go get them when we need them.  Moving these things allowed me to put my boys' boots on those little white shelves in the closet.  The shelves are pulled a bit forward allowing me to use some of the space in the back for storing things we don't get into often like the tripod.  I also put a small plastic basket on top of the shelves, that will be our "get rid of" bin; I'll drop those things off regularly at a goodwill or something in the area.

Since we already have several panels of hooks like we used in our bathroom we decided to use those in this closet hoping these would work better. They should allow us to hang everything we need to without getting too cramped in there.  I'm not quite sure about my diaper bag, it will either go on the upper shelf or on one of the hooks.

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  1. Wow, that looks great! Our front closet is large but stuffed full of hats, gloves, coats (for the current season, plus light ones for warm days), baseball caps (my hubbie has at least 20), vacuum, bowling gear, sewing machine, filing cabinet, diaper bag, purse, bags of stuff to be returned to friends, library books to be returned, and other misc. stuff. Needless to say, not nearly as neat and tidy as yours. :-)

  2. This is a great post--our front closet is one we fight with--too many shoes and coats for that small of a place! I like your idea of the "over the door" shoe rack.