Thursday, December 29, 2011

Take them a meal!

Having had 7 babies I've been on the receiving end of meal deliveries many times, I've also enjoyed being able to bless others in this way.  Up until now though I really did not realize what a blessing meals are to those suffering the loss of a loved one (though it really is no surprise!).  Friends in my old home town sprang into action and delivered meals to my dad's house where the family was gathered.  It was such a blessing not to have to think about meals, and the generous portions allowed for ample leftovers to be eaten as lunch the next day!

I was doubly blessed to have new friends in our new home town to spring into action as well and deliver meals to my husband and children at home.  What a blessing to know they were being cared for while I had to be away.  If ever in doubt of what you can do for a family going through tough times, take them a meal!  It will be helpful. They will feel loved.  You will bless them!  

Just a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to a great side called Take them a meal.  It is a site for scheduling and coordinating the delivery of meals to families.  What a great idea!  I loved being able to go to the site and pick the date that worked for me to take a friend a meal.  I also loved being able to see what meals others were bringing so that I could be sure to bring them something different.  There are also tips and recipes on this site!  

Being out of town makes helping friends and loved ones difficult.  It comes up often enough that this experience got me thinking about how I could care for others that I would like to bless in this way, but I'm too far away to bring them a meal.  Some options I thought of would be ordering (and paying for over the phone or through a web site) a pizza or some other meal to be delivered.  That got me thinking about other meal delivery services like schwans.  Either just going on their site and ordering meals, or a gift card could be a real blessing.  Know someone else in town?  Ask them to pick up a frozen lasagna or something to be delivered to the family.  I can't tell you what a blessing it is to see that frozen lasagna and bread in my freezer waiting to help me out next week as we get back to "normal."

Most of all though I was so blessed to know my friends and loved ones were praying for us.  Hearing their stories of my dad, how they will miss him, was such a blessing.  

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  1. THANK YOU for pointing to this website. Seriously, it's one of the neatest things I have ever seen and I think it will help our church be a LOT more efficient!