Monday, November 14, 2011


I'm starting this blog as a place to share what I'm learning about managing a large family and to encourage other moms of many (or maybe not so many). I've found over the years that I love seeing how other families make it work, from organizing the home, finances, cooking and homeschooling, to quality time and relationships. A thought shared, a picture seen, these things can get the mind going helping to inspire solutions to problems or just fine tuning what may already be working.

I'll be sharing here what I've learned along the way, and what I'm learning now too. I'm far from having this all figured out, and just when I think I may at least have some things going well something changes and I'm thrown for a loop! That being said I'd love to hear from others in the form of comments, guest posts and maybe even some link ups. What do you want to hear about? What areas do you struggle with? Please let me know. Do you shine in some area? Let me know your idea for a guest post either through comments or the "contact me" button!

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