Friday, May 23, 2014

Move prep 1 week out

So, you've done the major de cluttering for your move.  You've organized the major stuff.  Now its time to get into the details of your move.  You're going to be busy these couple of weeks, try to go into it rested (I know, easier said than done).

-Start packing toys, clothes, travel goodie bags, travel snacks.

-Shop for move needs.  Drinks and snacks for move day(s); for the family and the movers.  Figure out what you will be eating on the move days and make arrangements (don't plan on cooking, this is a time for take out/prepared foods).  Paper plates, napkins, cutlery will make life easier.  Lots of garbage/zipper bags will be needed.

-Take down/disassemble anything you possibly can.  Shelves hanging on walls can come down.  Window treatments can come down (wash them, then they will be clean for the new house).  Electronics should be unplugged and dusted well.  Figure out when you will be unplugging the computers (we like to wait until the last minute).

-Vacate the house before the movers come.  That way all you need for your move/trip is out of the house.  With a large family we just have so much stuff that can get in the way.  The last thing you want to be doing on move day is rounding up the stuff you need to take with you and racing the movers to the things you need (because that will happen anyways).  Firm up those plans.  If leaving is not an option; move all of your stuff into one room.  Make sure NOTHING in that room needs to be packed by the movers.

-Designate a "do not pack" space.  Sometimes we use the bathroom that the pets are in.  Sometimes a closet.  Once we used a baby coral/play yard/baby gate area.  Chose a space that is easy to mark.  Don't put too much in it, just things you absolutely must have in the home but don't want packed.  I'd have things like my diaper bag, purse, laptop/tablet, toys and blankets/pillows for littles to nap with.

-Keep up with the laundry.  Find out when you will lose access to your washing machine/dryer.  Don't use it within 24 hours of that time.  You want to let it dry out so it does not mold in transit.  You do want to wash all sheets so that they will be clean on the other end; factor that in.  Same goes for your freezer/refrigerator.  If they are moving with you they will need time to dry out.

-Make your move day(s) to do list.  All of those little things you can't do yet, but are very important not to forget.  Use your list as your brain, you will be scattered and frazzled on your move days.  You will be pulled in many directions.  The less thinking you need to do the better.  I'll keep a running list on my phone.


  1. I have never been good with the details.Your tips really helped me to organize my time! Thank you for sharing!

  2. That's really helpful! I'm not really organized and I needed some checklist like this one!. Thank you for sharing! I hate to pack!