Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What comes in, must go out!

In preparation for our move we've instituted a "what comes in must go out" policy.  Any box that brings things into our house must go out with at least as much in it.  We are liking this policy and will likely keep it up even after our move.

This is a picture of several Amazon boxes that recently came in.  They are all loaded up to go out now.

I especially love bring boxes home from Costco.  They are generally full of consumables, but usually go out filled with non-consumable junk!

This exercise is also helpful in making us think harder about what we are bringing into the home.  Our kids realize that the more stuff we have, the more time we must spend taking care of the stuff.   This is a process.  Over the years we're finding many of them to be more thoughtful about what they are purchasing or asking for.  Even though we've seen growth in this area, we all have lots of room for improvement.

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  1. This is a fantastic plan. I think I'm going to implement this one in our house!