Monday, January 27, 2014

New favorites with baby #8- K'tan and Wubbanub

I'm not too big on baby gadgets and have stayed out of the big baby stores and departments for the most part for years.  I've cut back on the baby gadgets that we keep in the house over the years, but I'm always open to something that really will make my life easier.  I found a couple this go 'round.

The first was the Baby K'tan.  It functions much like the Moby wrap, but without all of the fabric.  I LOVE it, and so does my baby!  I've been searching for the perfect newborn carrier for quite a while.  I've tried pouch slings and ring slings; both worked but I didn't feel that they held the baby as securely  as I would have liked.  The Ergo is GREAT for babies once they get to about 4 months or so and we use it until they are nearly 3 years old, but I've not had success with using it with newborns (though I know that some do).  I was a bit unsure of the K'tan since it is sized, after reading the reviews and talking to a friend about her's I decided to size down since it stretches out.

I love that the K'tan holds my baby close to me; she and I both feel secure in her being held close.  We are both happy, and my hands are free to care for my other children.  I also love that when we are out and about she is so close to me that no one feels they can come over an touch her (as so often has happened to my babies when in strollers).  *Why on earth do people think they should be touching a baby they do not know?  Have they no consideration for personal space, or the germs they are likely passing on to baby?  OK rant over. 

My second new love is the Wubbanub.  When I first saw these things I thought they were silly, then I saw them in action.  They help keep the pacifier in or near the baby's mouth, they are not nearly as easy to lose, and are easier for baby to get in their mouths themselves.  I've seen my 2 month old get it back in her mouth by moving her mouth or pushing it with her fists since it had stayed close to her mouth.  I love that they also come in so many different styles; unisex, girl, and boy styles.  They are all adorable! A couple of down sides to these are that you can't take off/replace the pacifier and they are a bit spendy (generally in the $12-$15 range).  *My husband and I think they are well worth the cost!  I ordered ours from Amazon.

My baby loves her's and our lives have been much quieter since we got our first Wubbanub.

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