Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to school time!

We've spent our summer working on projects, child training, getting used to new chores, on vacation,  planning for the coming school year, cleaning and organizing.  Now its time to get back to school!

Back to school time is exciting for everyone.  Mom is usually refreshed and excited about what has been planned for the coming school year (looking forward to how the kids will learn and grow/what God will be doing in the family).  The kids are usually excited about the books and supplies they've been seeing coming into the house and are eager to get their hands on them.  It is a new beginning!
*This is our school room bookshelf.  It looks a bit sparse, but this is because I want the kids to be able to easily find the things they NEED during school time.  We have several other book shelves full of books (of all types) and curriculum (not in use this year).  Keeping this area simple and uncluttered allows us to find what we need and better enjoy our school year.

This year we have a baby due in October.  My hope is that by having our Circle Time and Table time well planned out and in this binder (easy to get to); that babysitter/daddy/nana will be able to keep things going while I'm recovering from birth.
*This binder not only holds the plans for the year, but most of the supplies for our table time crafts (minus things like glue, crayons, and other large items).  Anything that needed to be copied or cut out has been done and is right here ready for us!

The same thing goes for the individual binders.  By having everything planned out, assigned, and right there for the kids they should be able to keep themselves going even when I'm not on the ball.

*These two shelves contain all of the binders and textbooks the kids will need for this year of school.  

I've tried to be realistic in my planning.  Even if things SHOULD be able to move along without me I know I need to have low expectations.  Planning too much will just put unnecessary stress on everyone during this special time.  Reality is that having babysitter/daddy/nana here = FUN! we want to enjoy this time as well as be productive.  There will be distractions, things will move slowly, plan for it! Along the same lines, I know that as we adjust to a new baby and nursing again I'll be slow and will not get as much done once my help is gone.  This is applied to times like holidays or any other time when there will be many other distractions.

These posts on pre-schoool/kindergarten/1st grade, elementary/grammar school, and Jr. High explain how we generally go about educating our children, and some of the whys as well.

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