Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Command Center

Managing my home and family in a peaceful and orderly manner is extreamly important.  If I'm not communicating effectively with them, if my head is not on straight, and we don't have reasonable expectations for the day then chaos reigns and no one is happy.  There is so much to keep track of, and so many people to keep on track.  My mind can't track it all.

So much time, energy, and even frustration can be saved by writing things down.  I have 100 things swirling around me at any given time, kids to keep focused, jobs that need to be done (for me and the kids), school to teach,  meal preparation, shopping lists, restrictions to remember/enforce, etc. This can all get so overwhelming and things can easily slip through the cracks.  Once these things are written down I don't have to keep thinking about them and trying to remember them.  This spot functions as my brain in these areas, so I can think about other things.  When written in a place that is visible to the whole family everyone can be on board and stay on track.

Large or small, a central place for family information is very helpful in the management of a home.  I've tried home management note books and binders, but that just never worked for me.  The notebooks ended up being in the way, looking like more clutter sitting around and was often in danger of spills and little fingers.  On the other hand; over the years I've come to rely on my white board and cork board for keeping track, organizing, and communicating with my family.  I pulled all of it together to make one small wall our "command center"

Some coats of paint, a new cork board, clipboards, scrapbook paper, laminating and a frame later I had this command center with a more unified look and more information that my family needed.  I had most of what I needed, painting it all brought a unified look to the hodge podge of stuff I brought together.  I had fun picking scrapbook paper that reflected the days/months/or rooms they represented on various sheets.

Our white board still serves as a central place for writing anything that needs to be communicated throughout the day as well as budget info, shopping lists etc.

The cork board holds our "job sheet" where kids mark jobs they need to be paid for (as well as penalties for poorly done jobs), cards and letters for all to see are often placed here as well.

One clipboard holds our laminated sheets of jobs for each day.  We can use a dry erase marker to mark off the jobs as we do them.  Everyone knows what needs to be done in the day and can easily see what they can help with.

The other clipboard will hold our memorization verses for each month.

I picked up the frame at Goodwill, used fabric for the background, ribbon for dividing lines and painted the frame.  This will be where all of our calendars come together, meal plans, activities, errands etc will be here for all to see.

I still need to pick up something for mail and papers.   To "read," "reply," and "file" will be the categories.

What do you use to keep your family in order?  What methods to you use to remember what needs to be done through out the day and day-to-day?

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