Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tips for visiting the Creation museum (with a large family or little ones)

We enjoyed a great visit to the Creation Museum this spring.  The whole family enjoyed it from Mom and Dad right down to the (nearly) 2 year old.  See our trip Part 1 and Part 2

The museum offers a few discounts, while the AAA or HSLDA ones were ones we qualified for we decided to use our military discount (all are nice discounts).  Once totaled up we realized we were just $20 shy of reaching the cost of a membership.  We considered that....

*Though one planetarium show was included in the ticket price, there were two shows going.  We wanted to see both, so that would cost extra.  With a membership those tickets are "free."

*We knew we would be purchasing some things from their store.  The 10% discount for members would be nice.

*We would also be having lunch in their cafe, 10% off there would add up quickly too.

We decided to go ahead and purchase the 1 year membership,  it made sense for our family.  Be thinking about this before you head there too.

The gardens and petting zoo are great parts of the museum experience, make sure you take the opportunity to enjoy them when you can.  For your safety they must close these areas during poor weather conditions.  A good thunder shower in the spring (like when we were there) will quickly close this option for you.  This wasn't a major issue for us, but one to keep in mind so you do not end up disappointed.

The Creation Museum is a very family friendly place.  I expected that to some extent, but there were a few things I wish I had known before heading in that would have made taking our crew in just a bit easier.

*I had been expecting the museum to be like many others where you can easily jump around to different exhibits.  While some of that is possible, the main body of it is a bit of a guided walk through.  It needs to be that way to truly absorb the message and get the most out of it.  The only problem(s)?  No access to (purchase) food and the next bathroom is about 2/3 of the way through.  These are easy to deal with and really are only an issue for those of us with littles that like to wait until the last minute to announce the need.  Make sure everyone uses the bathrooms just before entering this area and bring snacks.  Which brings me to the next point....

*I was unsure about bringing food and drinks into the museum, most don't like that.  I was pleased to find that food and drinks were just fine in every part of the museum (except the theaters).  I had brought  snacks and drinks for our little ones the first day, the second day I brought much more.  We also found the meal and snack options at the museum to be good....

*I guess I should not have been surprised to find a coffee shop in the museum, right next to the ice cream!  The cafe's prices were reasonable especially considering we were in a museum and there was no easy access to food outside the museum (this was their chance to gouge us, and they didn't!).  We appreciated that, and made use of the cafe both days.  Along with the pizza, burgers and sandwiches they also had soup and salad options.

*The museum is stroller friendly inside in every area.  I had very little problems navigating with our double stroller, I suppose it has to be so that it can be wheelchair accessible .  While you could do the outside with a stroller I would not (and did not).  Some of the paths would be harder (or impossible) to navigate limiting your access.  Our littlest one wanted to be up and about outside anyways so this was not an issue, but you may want to consider bringing your Ergo or other baby carrier with you for that portion.  I liked having the stroller with me inside since that gave us room for snacks, drinks and books we purchased.

Every single member of the staff as well as the volunteers were extremely friendly and helpful.  This was like a breath of fresh air after being in stifling humidity.  Its like going to Chick-fil-a when you are used to McDonalds. ;)  We enjoyed the cheerful faces, kind greetings, helpful tips, sweet chats, and even a quick rescue (in the way of a flashlight, opened door, and then chair in back) when the toddler desperately needed his sippy cup in the middle of one of the shows.  The wonderful atmosphere helps get the message across!

If you get the chance to visit the museum I hope these little tips help you better prepare for the logistics of the visit, and enjoy your time there!  If you get the chance GO!  It is worth it!

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