Monday, February 18, 2013

Links I love

I enjoyed reading this article on not only our nations falling fertility rate, but the world as a whole.  I'm happy to be doing my part to keep the rate from falling even lower. ;)

Worried about my (or any other) naive homeschoolers heading out into the world and not knowing how to cope?  This post is a bit long, but it is wonderfully written and explains very well why we think homeschooling is best for our kids (though I did NOT write it).

I enjoyed reading through the entire blog The year of less recently.  Not surprisingly a blog about de-cluttering and a minimalist life did not take too long to read.  As it turned out, while the writer was simplifying she found that one of the things that was taking up too much time, and taking away from her family, was the blog.  I really liked many of the posts, but one of my favorites was this one;  I thought that numbers 10, 11 and 12 were especially good.

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