Monday, December 3, 2012

Lamplighter books giveaway (2 books!)

Congratulations to Channonsworld, you were the randomly drawn winner for this giveaway!  

Lamplighter books are some of our favorites for our children, and our family.  We love to read them out loud as a family.  Every one that we have read so far has captured our hearts. We love that they are not only sweet stories with good morals and values, but most also point to Christ. We give these beautiful books to our children as Christmas gifts. With Christmas just around the corner I thought I'd post a list of our favorites to give you some ideas for your own children.

Books we have read and loved
Teddy's Button
Me and Nobbles
Jill's Red Bag
Willy's Trunk
The Robbers' Cave
The White Knights
The Giant Killer
The Little Lamb
Little Sir Galahad
The Three Weavers
Fire in the Sky
The Basket of Flowers

Books we own and are looking forward to reading
The Unexpected Guest
Jack The Conqueror
Rosa Of Linden Castle
Basil Or, Honesty and Industry
Jessica's First Prayer


Books that are on our wish list
Paul, A Herald of the Cross
The Vanished note
Amy and Her Brothers
Charlie's Choice

Now for the fun! I'm going to give away two of our favorite Lamplighters- The Little Lamb and Me and Nobles. When you enter please make sure I will be able to contact you either through e-mail or your own blog. Here are some ways to enter....

-be a follower of this blog for one entry

-Facebook this blogpost/giveaway for one entry

-Blog about this giveaway on your blog for one entry.

-Go to Lamplighters site, look around, and tell me what you found there that looks interesting for one entry.

- What Lamplighters have you read and loved?  Tell me about your favorites for one entry.

I'll Choose a winner on December 12th.  If I get your contact information quickly the winner could have these in time to put under the tree!

Also, if you haven't helped us win a different giveaway by visiting Saddleback Leather's homepage, please do so!

 *We are Lamplighter affiliates.  If you make a purchase through clicking on our links we earn a commission off of the sale.  We are affiliates because we love these books so much and love that we can offer a 15% discount to everyone that purchases through our links!  


  1. We've been reading Lamplighters for many years and have lots of favorites (Ishmael/Self-Raised were amazing but those are for more mature readers). But lately we've been listening to Lamplighter Theaters during mealtime--wow!!! Such great discussion material about the sovereignty of God, gratefulness, and various character traits the heroes display. We also loved Mark Hamby's Life Transforming Seminars--what an interesting life story he has. And his son's piano music-great stuff! Have enjoyed so many of their resources but have NOT read Me and Nobles :)

  2. I've never heard of Lamplighters for starters,

    It sounds awesome, though. With my kids getting bigger, I've been looking for ways to include reading that's not just a typical toddler book. Something that will have an impact and can encourage discussion on our family values. These stories seem perfect.

    The website looks like it has a lot of different options for our growing family. I'm excited to find out more!

  3. Shared.

    And, i don't know if this counts, but I follow the blog through my e-mail. lol...

  4. I did not know about Lamplighter until now. We are a family of 6 and began homeschooling this year. I am always looking for good books to read to my children. One book that caught my attention was The Three Weavers. I would love to read it to my girls. I also noticed that it was 1/2 price in the damaged section, which makes it affordable for us. I also followed through e-mail.

  5. I frequent Lamplighters website to window shop. They all look like wonderful books. I found a couple books of theirs at goodwill!!! The Lamplighter is really good! Thank you for the opportunity!
    Nicole M.

  6. I am realy interested in getting some of the audio books.

  7. I have not read any yet, but I have ordered some for my children for Christmas.

  8. We really enjoyed Teddy's Buttons.

  9. Visited Lamplighter website. The Christmas special looks very interesting!

  10. We would love to begin a collection of these books!

  11. The White Gypsy is my favorite, although Charlie's Choice is a close second. I've never read a Lamplighter I don't like... ;)

  12. I follow your blog now!