Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preschool Activities in a bag SWAP

Preschool Activities in a bag are exactly what they sound like; they are activities geared towards preschool aged kids that can be stored in gallon sized zipper bags.  They come in handy when little hands need to be busy with little supervision.  I like to use them when I need to be cooking dinner, helping older kids with school, or waiting at a doctor's office etc.  The activities focus on various skills that children are developing at this age such as fine motor skills, matching, memory, alphabet and numbers to name a few.

I recently put together a swap of these bags with a group of friends.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many were interested and as we were doing the swap people started thinking of other friends and family that would have been interested in participating.  For our swap we had 12 ladies.

Most of us picked two activities to put together.  We looked for good deals on the supplies we needed (back to school time is a great time to pick up these supplies!).  Children were happy as could be to help put these together.
*Some of my kids helping to put together the "b" and "d" activity, it helps kids put to memory these two letters that often get mixed up, something we are working on here!
Our swap was a social swap with the understanding that some of the moms may not actually be able to make it to the swap.  I just asked that anyone that could not make it have their bags to me before the swap.  About half of the ladies were able to make it.  We had a good time visiting and letting the kids play.
*Bags lined up in my dining room waiting to be filled.  I set them up a couple of days before our swap date so that bags done early could be put in right away.  I put each lady's name on a bag.


I enjoyed coordinating this swap.  It was a bit of work up front, but once that was done I simply answered a few questions and sent out some reminders.  I was so happy to put out that bit of effort to be able to have so many wonderful activities for my kids and to bless some friends with this as well.
*A bag full of activities just waiting for little hands!
Our group is looking forward to putting together a science experiments swap for the older kids in a few months and then another preschool one next year!

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