Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy Homeschool Mom's guide to Romance Review and giveaway

As moms of large homeschooling families it can sometimes be difficult to make your marriage the priority that it should be. Homeschooling can take a lot out of us, and sometimes our husbands get the leftovers (if there are any), when they should be getting our best.

I loved reading Heidi's book. She writes as if she is talking to one of her best friends. Sometimes saying the hard things, and definitely hitting some of the topics that often get ignored. Her passion for Christ, marriage, family and homeschooling certainly come through.

Reading this book left me feeling like some pressure had been lifted off of me, instead of adding yet another weight on my shoulders. It was such an encouraging book to read and full of Biblical conviction as well. I loved that it was a fairly short read, which was also great. I highly suggest this book for any mom that is getting sucked into the "homeschool mom vortex" and could use some encouragement in keeping her marriage a priority (as well as some practical advice for making that happen).

The security of their parents marriage is one of the most importnat things we can give our children. Truly the pain of a broken family is long lasting. The scars left are ugly. The consequences last for generations. Despite what the world may say our happiness is not the most important thing, nor is "feeling loved" the way we think we should be.  The covenant made between husband and wife before God is one He uses to His glory and to sanctify us; it is not always easy but it is right!

I'm so excited that I get to give one of these books away! Here are a few ways to win this book.

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2. Tell me something you do to keep your marriage a priority; remember this is a family friendly blog ;)

3. Head over to Heidi's blog, tell me something interesting you learned/found there.

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  1. I like the Busy Homeschool Mom on FB

  2. My evenings, after dinner is devoted to family time and after the little ones are asleep my husband and I spend quality time together, reading, movies, talking, etc. :)

  3. What a cheery welcoming site! I'm going to subscribe - I'm sure I'll learn a lot! This looks like a great book!

  4. Went to Heidi's blog and discovered she's going to be in Phoenix at the AFHE conference which I'm missing for the first time in many years :( My husband's going with my daughters while I stay home with the little ones b/c we just couldn't figure out childcare this year. Bummer.

  5. Failing terribly at making husband priority...need the book desperately. We committed to doing one date a month for 2012 and only made it thru April--but that was still a record amount of dates in one year! Usually it's just Anniversary and one of our birthdays....sigh.

    Not sure how to budget time when little ones get up very early and teenagers stay up late wanting to talk or work on projects with me. They'll be gone before I know it so they get priority right now...I'm going to miss them so much but hopefully hubby will still be there (he's narrowly escaped death 3 times so you'd think I'd know better than to assume that!) I figure I'll have regrets either way--there's just not enough time to do everything we want to do...

  6. finally figured out how to subscribe (duh)

    1. praying God blesses you with this book another way Kim-hang in there sister!

  7. Comment #6 was chosen by a random number generator! Congratulations Kim, you win!

  8. I'm sooo glad God lead me to you!! The paragraph (above) about the security of the parent's marraige is some thing I am going to meditate on (my parents are divorced), that aside, it's so simply put. How refreshing it is to read what you have to share! Thanks again, Rosanne