Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer breakfast for the HOT weather

It is getting HOT here.  I would rather not turn on the oven or stove unless I really need to.  I'm working on figuring out meals for the hot weather as we get used to this new climate.  Breakfasts were easy to figure out; smoothies.  Sometimes we will have hardboiled eggs or left over coffee cake as well, mostly its just smoothies with some nuts and veggies on the side.

Our smoothies are never exactly the same but here are some things we put in ours to give you some ideas.

Bananas- Our commissary sells the older or bruised bananas very inexpensively.  I'll buy bags of these and either use them right away or stick them in the freezer to use later.

Greens- It can be hard to get enough veggies and greens into kids, smoothies are an easy way to pack in a bunch.  We like to use spinach, this can be frozen too if you are not using it fast enough.

Make it smoother- I've found that by adding avacado, coconut milk, or coconut oil that our smoothies end up with a smoother consistency which we all seem to like.  This is also a simple way to get some healthy fats into this breakfast.

 Fruit or berries- to all of the above listed ingredients we add whatever fruits or berries we have on hand.  We like pineapple for a tropical flavor.  Mixed berries and blueberries seem to be the favorites around here, I tend to buy the big frozen bags at costco.  Sometimes I'll throw in some apples or oranges too.

Honey- if the smoothies are in need of some sweetener we use raw local honey.

Water- I add a bit of water to thin this out.

We have a vitamix that we use to make our smoothies, which I love.  It does a great job with our smoothies, making them a nice smooth consisitancy without chunks.

I got some special toddler smoothie cups for our little girls.  They do better drinking their smoothies from straws.  Strong straws were needed for this job and I wanted the cups to be spill proof.  I'm sure there are many options out there, but I ended up getting these.  I like that they are simple and fairly easy to clean.  The straw does not come out of the lid, which means it does not get lost.  We've had these for over seven months and they have been getting quite a bit of use.  I'm happy with how they have been holding up so far and my girls like them too!


What are your favorite hot weather breakfasts?  If you do smoothies too, what are your favorite ingredients/recipes?  I'd love some more ideas.


  1. We do a lot of yogurt with berries or sometimes parfaits- layering yogurt/fruit/granola (it looks pretty in a clear cup and works well as a to-go breakfast). A toaster is a compromise "cool" breakfast (sprouted bagels or toast). Premade muffins from the freezer would also work. Wishing you much coolness : )

  2. I know it isn't ever really "hot" here but I've been making muffins the night before to serve for breakfast in the morning with homemade yogurt or fruit.

  3. Yogurt, kefir, or fresh raw goat milk with raw dehydrated sprouted buckwheat granola is the staple here! Some like the Ezekiel sprouted cereals but that's expensive and not as healthy as our homemade stuff. (Google Serene's Rejuvenation Granola for recipe)

    My little ones also enjoy this out of the freezer: very ripe sliced bananas with nut butter drizzled/spread on top.