Friday, March 2, 2012

Large Family Movie give away!

UPDATE; Congratulations to Audrey Griffis, you won this giveaway!  Thanks for entering!

Last week our family had the pleasure of attending the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (Day 1, Day 2).  While there we were able to watch some wonderful feature films, documentaries, and shorts.  We were also able to meet the makers of some great movies and they were kind enough to give us some of their movies to give away on this blog.  These movies are made by large families, working together they have made films that honor God, and honor family.  I think one of the reasons we enjoy these movies is that we can relate to their lives, and the lives they portray in the movies.  We have been blessed by these movies and are excited to be able to pass on the blessing.

We enjoyed meeting members of the Moore family who had made The Widow's Might.  This is a favorite in our home.  This movie deals with some political issues and challenges to make the right choices despite those opposing them.  While it does deal with some very real issues, it does so in a way that is appropriate for the whole family with plenty of humor thrown in.

The "Dad the Hero" movies are both great, and we are so excited that we get to give both of them away.  The earlier movie is a western about standing up against evil, protecting family, and following God where He leads.  The second (and the one we saw first, at the film festival) is about the family going on vacation.  Dad needed to get a better handle on his priorities, slow down and enjoy his family and live in the moments that God gives.

We are also including a short documentary called Divorcing God, which addresses the pattern of decline in great nations in history. "Is this happening to America?" Unlike the movies included in the giveaway, this one is not appropriate for family viewing.

I'm going to give these movies out as a bundle pack.  Here are a few ways you can win this bundle.

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*We are affiliates of Christian Cinema, I will get a commission if you sign up through my link.  We are affiliates simply because we think this is a great company and have been blessed by their resources.  This is not a big money maker for us. ;)

I'll end this giveaway on March 10.


  1. I really like Christian Cinema - I really want to watch all the HomeStead Blessings movies. :)

  2. We really like the movie "The Time Changer".

  3. I think that we would enjoy watching "The Wylds:inspired by Pilgrims Progress" We are currently reading "Little Pilgrim's Progress" during our reading out loud time.

  4. I follow your other blog.
    Also, I'm so glad you had such a good time at the festival.

  5. i follow this blog Audrey Griffis -

  6. i follow your other blog now :) Audrey Griffis- sounds liek a great festival

  7. I'm a follower of this blog!

  8. And I follow you at Gabes Babes too!

  9. I don't know if this would be considered a "family movie" but our all time favorite Christian movie is "Fireproof". As for what the kiddos watch, they really like Jay Jay (an animated series about jets/airplanes that teaches good Christian lessons) and the Hermie and Friends series (also animated, written by Max Lucado).

  10. I follow your blog. Thanks for having the DVD giveaway!

  11. Our family just watched the movie "Live 58" online. It is incredible! It is all about helping the poor and living out the words of Isaiah 58. I highly recommend it!

  12. One of my favorite God-honoring family movies is actually Mary Poppins. The underlying subtext of how men and women view their roles in the family in the modern world (parents pre-Poppins), compared to the wisdom and humor and creativity of the messengers blown in by the "wind" (Poppins and Bert--but we all know who controls the heavens, and who in this film had a Plan for this family), and the ways (it is suggested) the parents gain Perspective and lay down their selfish selves for the good of the whole family--great messages.

    (movies are one of my hobbies, and used to be my work, and I can't help but interpret any movie I see. : )

    Interestingly, Disney really sanitized the original book "Mary Poppins"--in that, she is a much less appealing, much more intriguing character, and described with imagery much more aligned with a witch than an angel. So, the book is not my favorite--but the Disney re-invention of it is. : )

  13. I follow your blog. Thanks!

  14. One of my family's favorite films is Sheffey by Bob Jones University. A close second is Heartstrings by the Moore Family.